One Day!

Ever find yourself always saying “one day” “one day I will have my own place.” “one day i will be able to get that cute outfit” “one day I will work out.”

I’m stating to think “one day” is nothing but a bad word and a curse to say.

I keep thinking of things I want to do and keep thinking I will have time but when I think of it more i’m getting more anxiety because of it because all of a sudden i have failed myself.

So starting today i’m going to try not to say “one day” i’m going to say “Today I will” I hope I do well changing this part of my speech because I think it will help with how i am thinking.

I need to be more positive in my thinking to be able to get past anxiety and I will do it. little by little.

till next post love you all.



Hi everyone my name is Rinny!

This is going to be an update on my life. I know boring.

But what may be interesting to know is i’m a 29 year old single mother still living at home with her mother. I also work full time but I live with a constant issue called Generalized Anxiety.

In none doctors terms it means that at any moment I can have a panic attack because something in my world was not right.

Now I’m proud to say I am no longer on any medication and I’m stable for the most part. I’m now trying to get my life back on track the way I have been wanting it to look like for years.

So this will be my journey (that i hope you will follow) to becoming the person I want to be.

Now my first thing is i’m really holding on to this saying my Therapist told me today and she said when your worried about doing something new “DO IT SCARED”. That is what she told me and i’m doing just that by one starting this blog and wanting to take my creativity to the next level and work on things i really really wanted to work on.

So first thing is my life is coming to kind of a zen time where for me being a single mother is hard and can stress anyone out. But i will be sending my 5 year old son to his fathers for a few month before he started kindergarten and starts his education for his life.

Now for these 4 months I will be stepping out in the world and trying things that scare me and writing about them. May even do a few videos as well.

The first thing on this list is actually the drop off of my son that will take place in Las Vegas NV. I have never been and I will be doing it on my own. So really excited but very scared. I just want things to go well and not have a panic attack as I make my way down the strip on my own without anyone with me.

So wish me luck till I post my next bit of information.