When things change I will say this is the biggest thing that gets my anxiety up.

Why? You may ask because change is a good thing to grow. You are right but when things change and grow my sense of control is lost. I don’t know what will happen my control to know what will happen is gone. Then my internal feelings I become a very scared person and I want to run.

Well I am trying to conquer these feelings like in my first post I talk about “do it scared” I’m trying to change that a few things I’m doing now where I have some control but things I’ve never done because I was very scared.

These things and I hope to load pictures of my success is join a gym, meet new people with same interest. But also getting out of debt. 

I’ve become so comfortable being in debt but this is a big one to stop collection calls that starts some anxiety.

There will be more coming soon I’m sorry this post took so long I will post about my trip to Nevada to to the hand off with my son to stay with his father for a few months. 

Do it scared and make your life great. 


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