Ok this was going to be a way for me to get out my feelings of anxiety but i have to bring this up. I work in customer seriice and i get some of the strangest people in the world. 

my most resent wacho is one that is politcal. She was a very nice lady and was easy to talk to and I was able to help her quickly and once we finished what we were doing she started a normal conversation with me which I myself was enjoying untill i was starting my close statement and she said i have one more thing to say that i see here on facebook. 

Now before i say what she said on this call i want everyone to know what i think on news on facebook. i don’t believe it untill i do my own research into the topic. 

So continue to what she saw. She said that there was an article that the Democratic party wanted to kill everyone so they could take the trillions of dollars of minerals and keep the money. 


I would like to see what article she was reading because she had to end that it was Donald Trump that (in my opion is the bisggest ass in the world and is steeling our money to vacation every weekend.) was the person that saved us from becoming exstinct in 2020. 

What that hell is wrong with teh 36% of america that is still supporting a man that is clearing sstupid and not doing anything for out country. 


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