Hi I’m Rinny.   

I’m 29 years old single mother. (also single in the relationship sense as well) I live in Arkansas and have learned many things in my 10 years out in the adult world. 

I’ve lived in many states from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and California. ( In order of me moving.) 

From living in these states I’ve learned many things about our contry and love all the people I have met. 

I work full time in Customer Service, and as many people may really hate it. I only really hate it when I get that dumb customer that you want to role your eyes. But I also understand not every one can google things. 

Other parts of me is things i’m into. I am an otaku, I’m a liberal, Yes I’m very politcal. I like doing DIY, I like doing different art things such as drawing, painting, and many other things. 

I’m hoping to so more online on this blog so please follow and see me on my journey.